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A hotel is an establishment that provides paid lodging on a short-term basis.

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The best hotels aim to serve their guests and make them feel at home. Whether on a business or family trip or just to get away for a few days, individuals and families alike look forward to resting and getting away from the daily routine of life when they enter a hotel. In this section, also learn about motels, inns, resorts, hotel chains, and what it takes to work in a hotel.

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About this article: All You Need to Know About a Boutique Hotel

The boutique hotel experience is not like staying at a regular hotel. With specialized service, ambiance and atmosphere, make sure your boutique hotel search includes everything that you want to experience.

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All you need to know about a boutique hotel
What are the main characteristics of a boutique hotel? What makes them different from another boutique hotel. There are a lot of features of a boutique hotel. One can be said to be the size. What is the maximum number of rooms that a boutique hotel can have? Ideally, it should be 100.

Does the ambience play a part in this? Ambience can be said to be a really important part of any boutique hotel. If the ambience is considered as the total of all facilities and the intangible factors that contribute to a great customer experience, this could be defined as the single most important factor! I would define ambience as the décor, the service, the behavior of the staff, and how all these factors add up to create a feeling of care and love!

An intimate atmosphere could be said to be the most important part of a hotel without which it cannot be defined as a 'boutique' hotel. I feel that the hard part of bringing about the intimate atmosphere is that there shouldn't be a sense of familiarity when entering the hall. Intimacy can be defined as the caring, warm service, yet it should be professional. By familiarity, I mean the use of your first name, unnecessary hand shakes and other forms of physical contact.

The boutique style of hotels should have an environment whereby the hoteliers know what your needs and desires are, rather than just responding to what you ask. Anticipating what you want, when you want it and how you want it creates the line between a good service and a great service. The aim of any good boutique hotel should be to have a good service.

I feel that every boutique hotel should have a different theme. There are a whole load of boutique hotels emerging around the country with different themes, from the 'library' concept in NYC to an 'occult' theme in DC.

I, personally, find this quite good and definitely feel that a certain segment of people will like this idea. The only question that is to be answered is when a trend finishes and a fad starts?

So what exactly is a proper boutique hotel? Is there a specific list of features that should apply to all boutique hotels? Is there a common profile among all boutique hotels?

I should say that it is basically a hotel which warmly welcomes guests, makes you feel important, leaves you with a feeling of nostalgia when you leave the place, and one which makes you recommend it to other people.

However, as with all intangibles, the 'boutiqueness' of a hotel lies in the opinion of people.
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