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A hotel is an establishment that provides paid lodging on a short-term basis.

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About this article: Bed and Breakfast

Bed and breakfast is a common term used for places of accommodation that serve breakfast and also give you a place to sleep..

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Bed and breakfast
Sick and tired of long hours of work and nonstop problems? How about getting some time out of it? So you sure need to take a vacation. What next? You should then be deciding on where you intend to go, whilst also deciding on where do you intend to rest or stay during your trip to that area.

When it comes to deciding on where you are going to stay at, one of the most important things would be food. Most of the people would love to stay at a hotel whilst enjoying all three meals offered. However, there may be some who would want to enjoy the outside food whilst in your trip. For those crowds, Bed and Breakfast would be an ideal option. This article aims to explain everything about Bed and Breakfast.

So, what is Bed and Breakfast? Bed and Breakfast, also known as B&B is an establishment that offers vacationers and travelers, accommodation and breakfast. Lunch and Dinner are not usually served. This establishment mainly targets those people who loves to eat outside food but needs a place for an overnight's stay. Breakfast is a bonus.

Listed below in point form are some of the important advantages and disadvantages of Bed and Breakfasts.


Most Bed and Breakfasts offer very good facilities at affordable rates (much cheaper when compared to rates of hotels)

Most of the Bed and Breakfasts are private owned. Hence, those who prefer home food would get the opportunity to enjoy such delight.

Since Bed and Breakfast establishments are usually small, the guests receive very close attention, and hence most of their requirements are specifically catered or looked into (customized) and satisfied.

Most Bed and Breakfasts are designed in such a manner that they reflect the identity of that particular region, area or locale (that they are located in). So guests feel a difference and therefore fully enjoy their stay.


Most of the Bed and Breakfasts would not be able to provide luxurious facilities like five-star hotels do.

Some facilities/ amenities such as bathrooms usually have to be shared with other guests. In other words, some Bed and Breakfasts do not have private bathrooms for their guests. They have common bathrooms instead.

You could choose from a plenty of Bed and Breakfast establishments. Sources of such information could be obtained easily through websites or the internet, as well as by referring to B&B guides.

So, when planning your next vacation, if you need to stay a day or two at a place, try staying at a Bed and Breakfast establishment. It would be a great experience and also fun filled at the same time. Hurry up! Make your booking right away.


This article aims to explain everything about Bed and Breakfasts (B&Bs) and some of its main advantages and disadvantages for the guests.
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