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FAQs about braces Bellflower
Some of your concerns about braces are tackled here.
How do you brush teeth with braces?
It’s not an easy job but you should not neglect dental hygiene when having braces on. You can rinse your mouth well with water to remove food stuck in the braces. An alternative is to use a gum massager. Use toothpaste as you would normally to brush your teeth and brush with acicular motion around the gum line. You will need to tilt your toothbrush to reach all sides of the tooth, above and below the brace. Be patient and work on each tooth so that they all get cleaned very well.
Is there a need for a special toothbrush or other instrument when cleaning?
Not really. As long as you have a regular toothbrush and use it gently on the teeth, it should be fine. Putting too much strength on the toothbrush should be avoided. Some orthodontists recommend the use of a orthodontic-cut toothbrush, where the bristles take a ‘v’ shape but this is not a must. You may even prefer to use an electric toothbrush if you are short on patience.
There are also small spiral dental brushes (known as a proxy-brush) that you might like to try. It helps to clean out the food particles stick between the braces.
Dental wax can be used to lessen the irritation that occurs due to braces. The gums and inside of your cheeks can get scraped by the braces so the wax really helps by creating a barrier.
How do I use dental wax?
Take a little bit of wax, mold it with your fingers then place it on the bracket that is scratching your gum or inner cheek. It doesn’t matter if you swallow the wax accidentally as it’s non-toxic. You will probably have to reapply after a meal as the wax slowly breaks away over time. BE sure to remove any wax before your brush your teet
Dental silicone is an alternative to using dental wax. It lasts longer but you have to be more careful when applying it.
Can I use any other method to lessen the irritation caused by braces?
Yes, there is always salt water, which should be used a few times throughout the day to help soothe gums. You can also try a mouth rinse (i.e. Rincinol PRN) that eases the irritation. Always check with your orthodontist first.
Is it okay to use whitening toothpaste with braces on?
It’s not advisable mainly because you will not be able to apply the whitening toothpaste evenly on the tooth surface. So when the braces are taken out one day, you may find that some parts of the teeth are whiter than the others!
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