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Baby teeth cavities : Easing Children's Fears of The Dentist Bell Gardens
If your child has baby teeth cavities, you probably have to take an unwilling child to the dentist. However, it is up to both the parents and the dentist to make sure that your child’s first dental appointment goes smoothly without the child getting afraid or panicking. The first dental appointment for your child should be a positive experience. While there’s no need for parents to get worried, you should also make sure that you visit a dentist who is friendly or even a pediatric dental specialist so that he or she doesn’t scare your child.
Parent's role in the dental visit
1.     Talk to your child about the visit to the dentist and tell them about the treatment that they are going to get. It’d be advisable to limit the amount of details that you give. If they ask any questions, simply answer to the point in a fun and cool manner rather than in a stiff and upright one – give them simple and understandable answers. Leave any complicated questions about baby teeth cavities to the dentist. This is because pediatric dentists are usually trained in procedures related to describing things to children in a non threatening way while making it easy for them to understand what is going on.
2.     There’s no need for you to tell your child about any pain that they may have to go through. You also certainly do not need to run a flashback about some bad dental experience that you’ve had previously.
3.     Keep telling your child that the dentist is just a doctor whose job is to make their teeth feel better.
4.     As a parent, never try to bribe the child for coming to the dentist
Even if all these measures are followed, some children might still be extremely apprehensive about going to the dentist. One common fear is the small separation from their parents that they have to face. On the other hand, some kids are simply afraid of being injured or hurt. Any good dentist will make sure that your children know how to cope with the problem that they have.
Dentist’s role in the dental visit
1.     The dentist should maintain a friendly voice and make sure that they make their voice firm only when required.
2.     The dentist could perform the procedure on a doll before the same thing is performed on the child itself just to show the child that the procedure won’t cause any pain.
3.     Some dentists try to engage the child in basic conversation to try to draw their attention from the procedure that they are performing.
4.     The dentist may suggest the use of sedation to make the child more at ease.
When it comes to treating baby teeth cavities, a visit to the dentist is unavoidable. Hence, it is essential that both you and the appropriate dentist take the right measures to make sure dental visits are a positive and pleasant experience for your child. 
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