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Bachelor's degree in Accounting - Frequently Asked Questions

Bachelor’s degree in Accounting is a popular degree program among students because of the diverse job opportunities it offers in the field of accounting. Especially in the current difficult economic environment, the importance of this degree is increasing even further. Many aspirants are opting for this degree program, but still there are many others who have unresolved questions in their mind regarding the various aspects of this program.

Here is a list of some of the most frequently asked questions regarding this degree:

Question: Why should I opt for a degree in Accounting?

Answer: The degree program will prepare you for a job or a professional practice or consultancy in the area of public accounting, corporate accounting or government accounting. All kinds of businesses, whether small scale, medium or large-scale, have job openings for candidates with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. At the same time, this degree also serves as a stepping stone towards a Masters program in accounting that will provide you with specialized knowledge and expertise in a particular area, and boost your career prospects for getting senior positions at work.

Question: What is the duration of this program?

Answer: The duration of the course depends upon the kind of program that you choose in the field of accounting. Since the accounting field is wide, there are a variety of programs available, and each has its own duration and schedule. Also, different colleges will offer different programs. So your choice of a program will depend upon the amount of time you want to spend on the program, the kind of college you are looking for, and your personal inclination towards a particular program. Traditionally, the bachelor’s program lasts for four years in college.

Question: What are the career prospects and job opportunities available with this degree?

Answer: Since it is a specialized field, there are good job opportunities and career growth prospects in all the areas of accounting such as cost accounting, financial management and auditing jobs. Particularly in the current times of a recession, more and more candidates are opting for this program because of the superior job prospects and career stability and security that this profession offers.

Question: Is it possible to obtain this degree online?

Answer: Many universities and colleges offer online programs for students who do not wish to undertake a full time program at the university. The advantage to the candidates is that they can pursue their existing jobs or occupations, and earn the degree by taking online programs. Though it is advisable to check out the reputation of the college and the quality of the program before selecting an online program.

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