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Welcome to the Bizymoms Bachelor's Degrees Section. Read about opportunities that await you when you complete a Bachelor's Degree. It will give you practical knowledge on your chosen career field and help you land a job that may not have been possible without an undergraduate degree. This section offers information on the benefits of a Bachelor's Degree and what to look for when choosing a school that fits your needs.

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Bachelor's degree in Computer Science - What career options are available to me?

A Bachelor's in Computer Science degree has the potential to catapult your career to the top. Computer related jobs are some of the best paying jobs in the market nowadays. It is a consistently growing field with a large variety of job opportunities and careers coming up with the evolution of computer technology.

This degree will pave your way to becoming a computer scientist or an information systems manager or a networking specialist whose job is draw the technological roadmap for his organization, ensure efficient management of the available computer facilities, handle smooth functioning of the local area and wide area networking, implement cyber security systems, look after software and hardware system upgrading, and manage system designing and technical analysis for the organization.

Some of the popular career options for a Bachelor's in Computer Science degree holder are as follows:

Systems Analyst:

For those who enjoy getting involved with the intricacies of computer and software systems, analyze and resolve the problems that arise in the day-to-day functioning of the systems using their own creativity, they may opt for this degree with specialization in Applied Computer Science.

Information Technology Manager:

For those who may choose to take a degree with specialization in Information Technology, will be able to gain entry-level positions in the field of computerized communication systems, information privacy, and data storage.

Software Programmer:

If software programming and creativity is your primary interest, a bachelor's degree will help you to build a strong foundation. You may specialize in software programming or Game Designing, or such other streams so as to become a creative software designer or programmer.

Network Manager:

A bachelor's degree with specialization in computer network management will open up the doors of opportunity for you in the field of Network Administration, networking designing, and network security systems, for both local area and wide area networks of an organization.

Cyber Security Manager:

With the continued threat to computer systems from computer virus programs, cyber criminals and hackers, there is a growing opportunity in the career of a Cyber Security officer or manager. A degree in computer science will serve as a strong foundation for this career.

Computer Graphics:

If you have a natural instinct for arts, and you want to apply your skills to the field of computer science, there is a promising career available in the field of Computer Graphics. You will have the option to work for an organization, or work independently as a consultant and graphic designer.

Database Manager:

The bachelor's degree program also prepares you for a strong foundation in the area of database administration, management, creation and design. If you take specialization in database management, you can make a career with large organization that need to handle huge amounts of data on a daily basis, or you may also be able to start your own business, offering database management services to potential clients.

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