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Bachelor's in Accounting is a popular degree in a recessionary environment

Bachelor’s in Accounting has always been a popular program among the students who wish to pursue a career in accounting. For those who already have acquired an Associate degree in accounting, they can complete this degree program in lesser time. Once you have this degree, it becomes easier to seek middle and senior level positions in accounting in the corporate sector, public sector and government departments too.

Particularly in the present difficult global economic scenario, when the corporate sector is struggling to remain profitable by cutting costs and reducing jobs, the students have to re-work their career strategies in order to manage their careers successfully in a recessionary environment. As a result, many students are finding a good potential in this degree because of the promising job prospects and job security and stability that a career in accounting is offering compared to other career options.

In the times of an economic recession, the jobs that get affected the most are usually related to sales, marketing, research and other such areas where the companies can afford to downsize their operations because of lower business demand. But accounting is a unique field whose relevance and importance only increases further in a recessionary condition. This is because cost control and effective financial management becomes the key to survival in such times. Therefore the demand for good accountants with a bachelor’s degree either goes up or remains the same as before in such a situation.

This is the key reason why many students who may have originally thought of pursuing a career in sales, marketing, research or business administration, are shifting over to a career in accounting. There is always a dearth of good accountants who can manage a company’s accounts efficiently. A smart accountant can potentially save millions of dollars for a large corporation if he knows exactly how to handle the account statements in a best possible manner, how to reduce taxation liabilities, how to cut the costs of operations without letting the efficiency of business go down, and most important, how to forecast the future financial conditions and trends for the company.

All these responsibilities make an accountant’s job really high profile. Therefore a Bachelor’s in Accounting degree is a right career strategy for many aspirants who have the confidence of pursuing higher accounting qualifications such as Masters degree by distance learning or online education. At the same time, accounting is such a field where a candidate can continue to learn on the job, and upgrade his own mastery and expertise in the particular accounting area that he is looking after.

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