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Is a Bachelor's in Science Degree a pre-requisite for most graduate programs?

A Bachelor of Science degree is one of the common undergraduate programs pursued by students all over the world. In most countries, the duration of a Bachelor of Science degree program is between three to five years. The theme and content of this program may vary from one university to another, and from one country to another.

In European countries, usually the Bachelor of Science degree program is of a very generalized nature, providing a basic knowledge regarding a wide variety of subjects. Where as in the United States, most of the universities follow a slightly more specialized approach for this program. Essentially, the education system in North America is more in favor of specialized education in a particular field, and from the undergraduate years itself the system orients itself to building a basic strength in one particular area only.

With this approach of the North American education system, one can safely consider that obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree is very essential in order to go for higher academic programs. Most graduate programs in the United States are of a highly specialized nature, and offer advanced knowledge and training in a particular field. As a result, unless the student is already clear about the basic principles and fundamentals of that subject, it will be very difficult to cope up with the advanced courses directly.

Furthermore, there are several promising graduate programs that have a very high demand and popularity among the students. Therefore the competition for those programs becomes very tough, while the seats of admission are limited. In such a scenario, many colleges and universities stipulate a Bachelor of Science degree in a particular stream as a minimum requirement to be eligible for admission to the graduate program in that stream.

For several popular and in-demand graduate programs the good universities and colleges have to conduct entrance exams or consider minimum scores in various tests and the past academic and extra curricular performance of a candidate. Along with such stipulations as well, a Bachelor of Science degree can be a minimum pre-requisite for eligibility.

However, this is not to say that for every graduate program at every university, a Bachelor of Science degree is a mandatory requirement. There are as many students who opt for Bachelor of Arts degree, and they are also able to earn eligibility for a number of graduate programs. By and large, it depends upon the kind of specialization that you are choosing during your Bachelor’s degree. That usually sets the direction for your future academic qualifications and your career thereafter.

A Bachelor of Science degree may be an excellent option to pave the way for your future career, especially for students with a basic academic background in science and mathematics. But there are several Bachelor of Arts programs as well that can provide you with the same eligibility for a graduate program later on.

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