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Degree requirements for a Bachelor of Science in Business

A Bachelor of Science in Business program is generally preferred by students who are aiming to make a long-term career in the field of business management. Most of the business organizations have followed the trend of giving preference to graduates with Bachelor's or Master's degrees in business administration or any specialized fields of management. As a result, this has become a popular degree among students.

Mostly, a candidate with this degree will be able to attain an entry-level job in almost any business or industry. Thereafter, he can continue to make his way up the management ladder with hardwork, experience, and upgrading his academic qualifications and skills further along with the job. Practically, every business is looking for qualified and knowledgeable graduates who know the modern tools and techniques of business management, and can strengthen the organization to achieve group goals in the wake of global competition.

The requirements for a Bachelor of Science in Business degree will generally include a fundamental knowledge of the basics of business administration and the principles of management. In addition, the degree requirements will include a specialization or a major in any of the streams of management such as Marketing, Operations, Finance, Systems, or Human Resources. With such a specialization, the candidate gets the opportunity to choose a specific direction for his career in accordance to his past academic background and natural skills and aptitude.

Usually, a Bachelor of Science in Business degree program will comprise a basic study in the following subjects:

Small and Home Business administration
Organizational psychology
Quantitative techniques
Data Interpretation
Human Resource Management
Financial Accounts
Managerial Accounts
Business Communication
Information Technology basics
Management Principles
Corporate Strategy
Marketing Management
Finance Management

The emphasis in this program is on developing your critical thinking ability, analytical ability, leadership skills, inter-personal behavioral skills, and team building skills, apart from the core business knowledge. At the same time, nowadays the basic skills and knowledge in the area of Information Technology and computing skills is also an integral part of the course curriculum. This helps the candidate to be well versed for working in a technological business environment later on.

Basic understanding of International trade and business, global economics, and a course in a foreign language may also be included as a part of the program. This has become essential in a post globalization era where most of the business organizations are expected to operate in a globally competitive environment and survive against global competition. So essentially, the student must be fully geared and ready to face the tough world of business, armed with all the basic knowledge, tools and techniques of modern management. That is the fundamental goal of this degree program.

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