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Welcome to the Bizymoms Bachelor's Degrees Section. Read about opportunities that await you when you complete a Bachelor's Degree. It will give you practical knowledge on your chosen career field and help you land a job that may not have been possible without an undergraduate degree. This section offers information on the benefits of a Bachelor's Degree and what to look for when choosing a school that fits your needs.

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Careers you can consider with a Bachelor of Arts degree

A Bachelor of Arts degree program offers probably the widest choice of careers for the aspirants. One needs to evaluate the available choices carefully, and select the program that is best suited to one’s personal aptitude and interest, and has good career growth prospects as well. Here are some of the popular career options available with a Bachelor of Arts degree:

Bachelor of Arts in Accounting:

This program prepares you for a career in corporate accounting, taxation, financial planning, and you can start with an entry-level or middle level accounting job. It is possible to pursue Masters degree later on to acquire more expertise in a particular area of accounting.

Bachelor of Arts in Computer Animation:

This is a niche field for those who have a creative instinct and imagination for storytelling, sketching, colors, designing and filmmaking.

Bachelor of Arts in Broadcasting:

Media industry is an exciting place for a career, and a degree in broadcasting prepares the candidate for a variety of jobs within the media and communications industry.

Bachelor of Arts in Advertising:

Those who are keen on making a career in selling or advertising, and have a creative interest in that field, may opt for this program. It can lead to a career in copywriting, art direction, media management, graphical designing, among others.

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism

The candidates who have an interest in the field of writing, can ideally choose this program that will prepare them for a career as a reporter, correspondent, writer or editor in the area of news journalism, entertainment or other specific streams of journalism.

Bachelor of Arts in Digital Visual Media

This is also a specialized program for the aspirants who are creative by nature, and are hoping to make a career in digital publishing, three-dimensional animation, and advertising design.

Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Art:

Those who are interested in making a career in the field of cooking, food preparation, and restaurant or hotel management, may join this program to earn the basic knowledge as well as hands-on training in the culinary arts.

Bachelor of Arts in Literature and Culture:

The candidate who may be interested in books, histories and cultures of different places and different eras, may choose this program to develop his knowledge as well as widen his thought process.

Bachelor of Arts in Merchandising

If one wishes to make career in the field of retail sales, product positioning, product selection and purchase, then a program in merchandising would be an ideal option to gain the necessary knowledge and skills for this career.

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