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About The 12 Zodiac Animals

Learn about the zodiac animals and what significance each one holds. The zodiac is a complex subject which holds a lot of significance to people who believe in its meanings. Read about how it all got started.

The 12 zodiac animals
Chinese astrology consists of 12 animals instead of the solar planets which are used with Western calendars. Every year in a Chinese calendar lasts a full cycle of the moon. In a Chinese zodiac year' an animal represents the whole year. In accordance with the Chinese calendar' a cycle lasts for 12 years. Therefore' if a person was born in the year of the Dragon' then he would be having a ‘Chinese Zodiac' birthday every 12 years (because of the 12 year cycle) and his zodiac symbol would be the dragon.

The Chinese calendar and the animals representing each of the years originate from a legend' which says that the Buddha summoned all the animals in the world for a race before he died. However' only 12 of them bothered to show up. Therefore' he let them race against each other' and gave the moon cycles names in order of who appeared first. Therefore' the Chinese zodiac symbol is basically a circle which has 12 equal parts. A picture of each of the 12 animals is given in each part. The calendar has its roots as early as 2600 BC.

The animals' in order are rat' ox' tiger' rabbit' dragon' snake' horse' sheep (or goat)' monkey' rooster' dog' and pig. Persons who are born on particular years are said to have the characteristics of the animal which represent the year:

- Rat – Quick-witted' charming' secretive' aggressive' perfectionist' good at politics and business' stubborn' and can even be mean.- Ox – Self-confident' excellent memory power' creative' quiet' family loyalty' hot-tempered' responsible.

- Tiger – Dynamic' courageous' fighter' selfish' magnetic' territorial' leaders' dynamic' possessive' works solo

- Rabbit – Doesn't like to fight' emotional' sweet – natured' artistic' conservative' tasteful' romantic' loyal to partners.

- Dragon – Tyrannical' regal' snobbish' leader' dynamic' centre of attention' lucky' egoistic' aggressive.

- Snake – Romantic' hates rejection' popular' charming' possessive' deep thinker' well – mannered' insecure' lies easily

- Horse – Lacks self-confidence' selfish' crowd lover' energetic' good with money' self – centered.

- Sheep (Goat) – Not good with money' disorganized' artistic' well-mannered' creative' dreamy' pessimistic' romantic

- Monkey – Lucky' witty' love food' charming' funny' unscrupulous' clever' deceptive

- Rooster – Bargainer' loyal' honest' observer' dreamer' straightforward' psychic' busy' observer

- Dog – Champions causes' private' loyal' intelligent' traditional' anxious' likes solitude' judgmental' serious.

- Pig (boar) – Love food' jealous' sincere' caring' chivalrous' loving' easy to take advantage of' romantic' belief in goodness' jealous' honorable.
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