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About Is It True Or False: True Astrology

How true is astrology? There are different opinions on the subject. Astrology is a fascinating subject which many people have studied to give us a good understanding of how the stars in the universe work.

Is it true or false
Astrology! What is it? How did it come into being? Is it really true or false' that astrology can predict our lives? The questions are endless when we consider the divine art of astrology.

Why do you think there is so much controversy over the existence of astrology? Not just in today's modern society' but even in ancient times' astrology was a subject of much debate and dispute. The main reasons for this division of thought would be because a logical reasoning to astrology is not always possible. Some say astrology is a belief of weaker personalities and that it holds no true meaning' others say astrology does carry a scientific explanation and background' thus can be applied the same way any other logical theory is used. Another group holds mixed thoughts on the subject and believes that although there is a huge impact on human life by celestial bodies' this impact cannot be accessed or predicated. Indeed' it is a debate that will never end!

So is astrology true or false? What do you think? I think the answer would very much depend on each person's beliefs and trail of thought. In order to arrive at a better conclusion' let's take a look at the core principals of astrology and how they were derived by man. First let's understand what Astrology is. In simple terms' it is a system devised to understand the various interactions we have with the world around us. Now your next question would be' what are these interactions? The core principles of astrology too are centered around these interactions. So' let's take a look at these interactions and other aspects involved in our astrological predictions.

Celestial bodies: These primarily include the sun' the moon and the planets. Their relative position determines our birth charts. These charts are derived using various theories in astrology. An accurate chart will provide a true reading of ones life or an event.

Birth: A key factor in astrology - a person's birth determines all interactions with that person and the world. The birth chart is used for all astrological predictions and is also believed to provide access to a persons psyche' especially in modern astrology.

Location: Based on where you live' your interactions will change. Astrology takes into account this ‘physical location' when casting horoscopes and birth charts.

Gender: Again an important factor which changes your chart castings' there are various calculations for determining these interactions.A logical reasoning can be achieved by studying these interactions through a more scientific approach' and modern astrology does employ several such methods or beliefs. e.g. Cosmobiology

But in general' a majority of the scientific community tends to label astrology as a pseudoscience and believes it to be superstitious jargon. There is much research being carried out to prove astrology as a science' as well as' on the other hand' to disregard it as a lucid subject. Several studies or censuses have found out that 31% Americans believe in astrology' while 39% considers it to be scientific. This shows that in today's rational society' there is a considerable inclination towards astrological beliefs.

In conclusion' it can be determined that astrology does prove to be true to some extent at least' and cannot be disregarded altogether. But the non-believer is entitled to their acceptance of the subject too!

Summary: This article tries to give some basis to the lifelong argument on astrology' whether it is true or false' a debate that will never see a definite answer.
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