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About How Is Horoscope Made: Make Horoscope

In many cultures, people make horoscopes when their children are born to predict how their lives will turn out. Horoscopes are a fascinating subject with different interpretations in different parts of the world. They are used for many different reasons.

How is horoscope made
What is a horoscope?

The concept of horoscope comes from the east where a person's birth time' date and place is considered to determine a person's characteristics as well as possible future happenings. Simply' the horoscope is a person's Birth chart or Natal chart.

It is based on the planetary position at the time of a person's birth. For this to be accurate astrologers believe that the place of the new born as well as the date and precise time of day is of significant value.

A horoscope comes as a chart of which the format may differ' based on the persons country or culture. However' the consideration of the sun' moon and other planets and their overall positions and relations to earth at the date and time of the person's birth is considered. Astrologers believe that since each individual is unique and the planetary position in each second is unique; every person will have a different birth chart.

There are 12 astrological signs considered when creating a horoscope.

Aries - symbolizing a Ram

Taurus - symbolizing a Bull

Gemini – symbolizing the Twins

Cancer – symbolizing a Crab

Leo - symbolizing a Lion

Virgo- symbolizing a virgin

Libra- symbolizing a Scale

Scorpio-symbolizing a scorpion

Sagittarius-symbolizing an archer

Capricorn- symbolizing a goat

Aquarius-symbolizing a water bearer and…

Pisces- symbolizing a fish.

When a person is born' his/her birth time' date and place is taken into consideration and the planetary positions from the place of the birth at this said time is taken into consideration to draft the birth chart.

The horoscope is made up of 12 houses and 12 sun signs. Each of the houses represents different aspect of a person's life. For example' House 1 represent the person's head which resembles education' whereas House 4 represent wealth of a person in terms of materials and so on.

The sun signs in each house represent the effect the person will have' in good or bad or neutral ways in that said area of their lives. This is the general way a horoscope is made.

Over the years in a person's life' these sun signs rotate along with the planetary changing charts. Astrologers are able to determine based on these charts where the planets and the sun signs are positioned at any given time of a person's life' thus predicting what effects might be there based on this.
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