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Chinese Astrology
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About What The Chinese Believe

The Chinese believe in a different kind of astrology that is unique and sets it apart from other cultures. Astrology holds different meaning to different people. Read about its complex background.

What the Chinese believe
A horoscope is a document that astrologers create at the time of a baby's birth according to the planetary positions at the time of birth. This is called a birth chart or a natal chart. For this to be accurate astrologers believe that the place of the new born as well as the date and precise time of day is of significant value.

A horoscope comes as a chart of which the format may differ based on the persons country or culture. However' the consideration of the sun' moon and other planets and their overall positions and relations to earth at the date and time of the persons birth is considered. Astrologers believe that since each individual is unique and the planetary position in each second is unique' every person will have a different birth chart.

Zodiac Signs have an important part in determining a person's horoscope. Each sign is on a different position in the sky and can be seen and traced through the position of the stars. At the same time' based on the planetary positions' each zodiac will affect the person born in that moment of time. There are 12 such zodiacs that are represented by different symbols and according to western astrology are spread through a different time span.

The horoscope contains sections from 1 to 12. Each section covers a certain aspect of a person's life and also covers a certain body part starting from the head. Each box has a ruling star sign' based on the main zodiac sign of the horoscope holder. Subsequently' each box has a corresponding planet that rules that particular area of the person's life. Over a period of time with the planetary movements' the affect of each box or area of life will change. Planets complimenting the ruling planet of the box appearing at those specific times will have positive affects on the horoscope holder while' the opposite will have negative affects.

Reading a horoscope requires much knowledge and experience. Hence' it is best to meet a family astrologer or a well known astrologer to get one's horoscope read for accuracy and confidentiality.
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