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About Mnemonics Of Zodiac Signs: About Zodiac Signs

Learn about zodiac signs and what each one means and represents. The zodiac is a complex subject which holds a lot of significance to people who believe in its meanings. Read about how it all got started.

Mnemonics of zodiac signs
Astrology is a divine art which has had (and continues to have) a significant impact on human life. It is an art which has received a lot of debate' controversial thought and argument' as well as awe' fascination and wonder. All throughout history' astrology has received significant attention' again both positive as well as negative.

For a subject that has received so much controversy' astrology has managed to overcome all these barriers' and still remain true to its nature' continuing to nurture the world with its unique and wonderful realizations. Its influence on the world at large is amazing' and the effect it has had on many cultures is worth talking about. Both Western as well as the Eastern world relies on this divine art' incorporating it in their culture with strong reins' so much so that astrology and culture walk hand in hand.

Throughout history' the educated world has showed a significant interest in astrology' which is one main reason for its popularity even today. Man has always tried to add new meaning to the cultural effect astrology has created. He believed that this well defined system that analyses the effect of the celestial bodies on human life reflects on man's knowledge and wisdom' which completes the world we live in. Such is the importance given to astrology throughout history.

The influence astrology has created on world cultures is evident in many disciplines. Language and Literature provides many examples on this.

Astrology and Language

The words ‘influenza'' ‘Lunatic'' ‘Jovial' and ‘Disaster' are some of the words that have entered the English Language through Astrology. How were they derived?

Influenza – In Latin' influential meant influence' and ancient physicians believed the condition to be an ailment due to planetary influence.

Lunatic – Refers Moon's effect on psychologically imbalanced individuals' where Luna means the Moon and Lunatic means the effect it causes.

Jovial – Jove was another name for Jupiter' the planet with cheerful characteristics.

Disaster – Derived from the Italian word ‘disastro'' where the prefix ‘dis' is used before the Latin word ‘aster' which means ‘star'. Thus disaster meant ‘ill-starred'.

Astrology and Literature

Many writers throughout history has used many theories' words' symbols and characters in astrology in their compositions. Namely' Sir William Shakespeare' Geoffrey Chaucer' C.S. Lewis are of importance here. Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis speaks repeatedly about the seven heavens and their symbols.

Other cultural influences of astrology can be seen in dance' music and art' all throughout the centuries.

Many cultural events and rituals are often centered around astrological beliefs. Date and timing for many stately events have always been decided by astrologers' in both the Eastern and Western world. Even today' many national leaders center their important milestones around auspicious times' hoping the positive planetary influence will bring them success and victory.

Thus is the cultural importance of astrology in society today' where from the President to the layman' astrological beliefs are accepted and followed in many countries of the world.

Summary: This article describes the cultural effect of astrology' emphasizing how it has influenced not just language and literature' but many noble events all across the world' showing how strongly it has bonded with cultural beliefs of a country.
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