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Find Your Way Through Astrology and Its Elements

Astrology plays a key role in many people's lives' especially when it comes to important events and decisions. Astrology also allows people to learn more about themselves depending on the date and time they were born. It also serves as a guide in helping people understand phenomenal aspects that may be out of their reach. This section details the history of Astrology' how it is used in Zodiac signs and horoscopes' and also gives information about Chinese Astrology

Spirituality Experts
 Kim Carson
Kim is a healthy, happy, "older" mom who runs a holistic wellness center. Kim is a massage therapist, reflexologist, astrologer, and writer.
 Nanette Geiger
Sought after speaker and Breakthrough coach. She specializes in breaking through barriers in your Relationship with Love and Money.
 Angela Willingham
CEO of New Beginnings Holistic Fitness Ministries, Inc. She is also a certified by the American Association of Christian Counselors
 Tami MacDowell
Tami MacDowell is founder/owner of Healings of the Heart. Tami holds certificates as Practitioner in Holistic Health,, Metaphysics

About this section

Learn about Astrology and how it affects people in their daily lives and routines. The most popular aspects of Astrology are horoscopes and the Zodiac. When delving further into the subject, it becomes apparent why so many people depend on the subject and find it so fascinating.

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