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Welcome to Bizymoms Associate Degrees Section Here you will find useful information on what an Associate Degree can do for your career. Read the informative articles and advice on how to choose a program that is right for your needs. An Associate Degree will not only help your job prospects, but will also give you invaluable knowledge with which you can go into business for yourself as well.

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Introduction to an Associate Degree in Engineering

An Associate Engineering degree program is the most basic level academic program that is designed to introduce the students to the fundamental principles of engineering. Engineering is one of the most critically important branches of science that has an objective of solving complex problems of science and leading to practical solutions for the advancement of mankind.

There is a great demand for engineers always in our world, and as a result some of the best employment opportunities are available in the field of engineering. An Associate Engineering degree builds the foundation of a student, and prepares him or her for an advanced course in engineering at a bachelors’ and then at a master’s level.

An Associate Engineering degree program is ideal for those candidates who have an aptitude for machines, gadgets and technology. A career in engineering can provide such candidates with tremendous opportunities of engineering creativity and enjoyable work. At the same time, a smart engineer can command a much higher paycheck than most of his counterparts from other streams.

The Associate Engineering degree program will usually provide a fundamental knowledge of the eminent streams of engineering such as civil engineering, computer engineering, electronic, electrical, chemical, and mechanical engineering. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the U.S., the topmost popular fields of engineering that have the highest demand for qualified engineers include Electrical engineering, Civil engineering and Mechanical engineering.

Essentially, a candidate wishing to pursue an Associate Engineering degree will need to have a strong command over math and science subjects. Engineering is entirely based on the theoretical concepts and principles outlined in these subjects. Therefore, practical application is not possible for an engineer without an adequate knowledge of the theoretical part.

Usually, an academically oriented candidate will follow up his Associate Engineering degree with a Bachelor’s degree in engineering. For good engineering positions in most industries, the Bachelor’s degree has become a kind of a norm for minimum qualification for an engineer. Some engineers may choose to pursue a master’s degree in engineering later on that gives them a high level of specialization in their field.

But ultimately, the Associate Engineering degree is the bedrock foundation for a student before he can move on to a bachelor’s or a master’s in engineering. It is critical to take this foundation course seriously if the candidate is keenly interested in pursuing advanced studies. Otherwise, even with a basic associate degree, the candidate can find entry-level technical jobs with several industries.

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