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Welcome to Bizymoms Associate Degrees Section Here you will find useful information on what an Associate Degree can do for your career. Read the informative articles and advice on how to choose a program that is right for your needs. An Associate Degree will not only help your job prospects, but will also give you invaluable knowledge with which you can go into business for yourself as well.

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Why get an Associate Degree in Accounting?

If you are looking to make a career in the Accounting profession, an Accounting Associate degree could be a great launching pad for you. An Accounting Associate degree course is designed to orient you towards the field of accounting at a professional level. Usually, it is a two-year comprehensive course that will expose you to the various dimensions of accounting that includes cost accounting, managerial accounting and financial accounting. Most such programs also provide a basic knowledge of Auditing, International Accounting and Tax Planning.

Although the course contents may differ slightly from one school to another, but the fundamental course remains the same universally. Accounting is essentially based on certain key accounting principles and conventions. An Accounting Associate degree course will acquaint you thoroughly with these accounting principles, so as to strengthen your basics in this field. The entire accounting edifice will be built on the foundation of these accounting principles that you will master in this Associate program.

The Accounting Associate degree program is also designed in such a manner that it hones your natural skills in the area of critical thinking and trains your mind for problem solving techniques within the context of accounting. This degree will ensure that you have the necessary knowledge and self-confidence to go ahead and acquire advanced knowledge and finally perform with flying colors in the real world of corporate accounting.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics in the U.S. is forecasting a high growth in the area of Accounting jobs in the coming years. It is an expanding field with new opportunities and an exciting future. An Accounting Associate degree is your gateway to a sound career in accounting. With the help of this degree you can straightaway start with an entry level post with an accounting company, or if your academic performance is exceptionally good, you may start at a higher post right away.

Accounting jobs are not just confined to the private companies or accounting firms, but also in the government sector there are job openings from time to time for accountants. An entry-level bookkeeper’s job or the job of a payroll clerk or an accounts receivable or payable clerk are some of the common job options for anyone holding an Accounting Associate degree.

This degree is also your stepping stone to acquiring a Bachelor’s in Accounting if you are interested in pursuing higher studies. Since your foundation in accounting would have already consolidated in the associate program, it would give you a good advantage to complete your bachelor’s degree in accounting successfully later on.

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