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Silk Screen Business

By Peter Engelbrecht

Are you interested in staying at home and starting a business working out of your garage or basement, doing something that you love and enjoy? Do you want to set your own schedule and manage your life out of your home? If you answered yes to these questions, then you most probably have investigated or thought of starting a business out of your home.

On my website and many other related websites on the internet and in bookstores are thousands of reference and resource materials that have been written touting many different work-at-home programs. You have probably come across many of them already. So how do you decide on a business if you have no experience? The answer may lie in finding something where your customers and the people that you will deal with are fun to be around and you would enjoy working with.

Let us take the example of starting a silkscreen business. Why would I consider a silkscreen business a possibility as a work at home possibility? For starters, your customers will be varied which gives you the opportunity to choose who you want to work with. Before we look at examples of who your potential customers may be let us ask ourselves what is a silk screening business.

Silk screening simply put is the method of transferring a substance, usually paint or a gel onto a material usually t-shirts that bonds so well to the material that it practically becomes permanent. You probably have purchased or were given a product that went through this process.

Now that we have a small idea of what silk screening is, here is an even smaller list of some of your potential customers. Remember this is important, because if you are going to work from home, it had better be worth it. We have all worked outside of the home and know how demanding people can be in general, and one of the attractions of working out of your house can be that you will not have to constantly deal with these people.

Youth sports teams such as soccer, softball, baseball and basketball. How many summer sports teams are put together in your area? In the city I live in, kids compete in sports or attend sports camps all summer long. There is a constant need for team jerseys and shirts to hand out to the participants.

College clubs are always buying t-shirts to commemorate events, such as big football games against arch rivals. Bottom line here is that if you have a university in your town or city you have customers that are just looking for an excuse to spend some money.

Church events, camps are not solely for sports teams, churches put on camps all summer also where participants get a shirt for attending. If there is not a church in your town or city then you must be living on mars.

I think you get my point; there are just endless possibilities for starting a silkscreen business. Just one word of caution. This business is not easy, if you have no experience working with the machines and materials needed to make a good-looking product, you should find an existing silkscreen business and work for a few months with them to learn the trade before venturing out on your own. The easy part will be getting business; the hard part will be delivering a good-looking product.

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