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Becoming A Cartoonist

According to Wikipedia “A cartoonist or a comic strip creator is someone that specializes in drawing cartoons”. And further, Wikipedia goes on stating that the term ‘cartoonist’ can be also be applied to those who produce comic books, magazines, editorial cartoons, comic strips and rarely those in working in animations. The purpose of this article would be to understand, the requirements to become a cartoonist, work done by a cartoonist, and how you can become a popular cartoonist.

The ability to carry out all the cartoon work can be identified as the main benefit that the cartoonists gain. To become a successful cartoonist, you don’t need to have any degrees. However, it’s a must that you should possess an artistic mind, good drawing skills, and you should also have good imagination skills. Further, if you have studied art as a subject in school then this would be an additional benefit for you in the process. Apart from these abilities it’s also important that you have a very calm mind and a calm environment. If the environment has lots of disturbances then it wouldn’t be an ideal place for you to carryout art work involved with cartoons.

Initially you will have to identify the target market. In this, when you start the business you can focus on creating cartoons for the local news papers, children’s magazines, etc. Then you will have to identify the demand for your cartoons. If possible, at this situation, you should also try to make agreements with other local cartoon firms so that you may get a chance to sell them your cartoons and gain a considerable income which you can spend on developing your business. If everything goes to plan, you can even think of recruiting more cartoonists to create more cartoons. The ultimate objective that you should have in the back of your mind should be to develop you small business in to a position of a cartoon firm, where large scale (movie type) cartoons are made.

With the development of technology it’s now possible to use digital equipment in creating cartoons. This has seriously reduced the time taken as well as the effort that a cartoonist has to put in to the process making cartoons and other related materials. Ability to correct mistakes without a total redesign has dramatically reduced the duration that it takes to create a complete cartoon. Further ability to generate previews on the computer screen has also improved the picture quality of the cartoons that the cartoonists make. However to buy these equipment you will need to have some finance available. If you are unable to finance these equipments then it’s still possible for you to use the traditional method, i.e. pencil and papers, to create cartoons. As the demand for your cartoons grow, it’s sometimes even possible to gain millions of dollars from a single cartoon if it becomes popular, you will gain the additional finance to purchase the needed equipment. Higher recognition in the market would also help you to arrange loans easily and more quickly.

With the identified factors it’s clear that anyone with good artistic skills can become a very good cartoonist with the passage of time. Facts that are important here is the clear dedication, imagination and art skills to create creative cartoons. If you are an individual with those skills, then there is a very high chance that you can become very successful person in the cartoon industry and it’s also worth stating that if you become very successful you might get the chance of even earning in millions.

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