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Art Gallery Business

If you want to open up an art gallery as your business, you definitely have great passion for art and you probably have that essential creativity factor that you want to share with others. Due to this passion, you may or will probably spend hours exploring all the galleries in town and online indicating the intensity of your interest which comes in the form of a dream where you want to open up an Art Gallery.

So with all this passion with you, if you are not yet an art gallery owner, it is a surprise. With such love, passion and drive for the subject, you becoming an art gallery owner is up to you and the only person stopping you is you.

With every endeavor that a human being takes up, there are unsubstantiated myths, detours and road blocks put forward by others which prevent us or keep us back from achieving and following our dream. With regard to Art Gallery ownership too, there are these myths, detours, roadblocks and uncertainties.

Hence, in order to succeed in this business, you will need to know and identify these “drawbacks” and give no regard to them and follow your passion and dream.

The first ridiculous myth which prevents aspiring and passionate individuals like you from owning an Art Gallery is the myth that not having a degree in history or art limits your success. And obviously, this is not true.

Just as an art creator does not have an art degree, there’s no reason why a person like you who wants to appreciate art and share it with the public should have a degree to do it. The very subjectivity of art (art being in the "eye of the beholder") makes it accessible to everyone, and valuable to some degree to everyone. For that very reason alone, you don't need a degree to be a conduit of art to the public. However, you may think of the situation of distinguishing art from fakes where not having a foundation education will leave you unawares of this. But, then again, art is in the eye of the beholder.

Unless you want to follow a career in the lines of an art historian, an antique dealer or an art museum curator, where you need a high amount of precise knowledge in actual classic works of that are well known such as the Mona Lisa, in order to find actual fakes and reproductions, there is no need to be worried of falling in to any fake art trap. You can best deal with this, by choosing art works that you are familiar and comfortable with.

Now, with regard to your location factor, you need not worry that space rented or purchased may keep you from starting your passion driven business, because, in today’s world there’s something called the world wide web where you can always start your gallery online which will not cost you a lot either. Once you get yourself established and when considerable amount of income you can move into a tangible location.

A question that is most important needs to be answered now. That is, what does an art gallery owner do?

In basic terms, an art gallery owner brings the art work of artists such as painters, sculptors, jewelry makers, photographers, weavers and much more to the public. You essentially, provide opportunities to the artists to showcase and sell artworks, and to the community and society to appreciate and purchase art works.

As an art gallery owner, you have the choice over the theme and type of artworks to sell based on:

  • Mediums (potteries, paintings, sculptures, etc.)
  • Art periods (impressionism, surrealism, retro, etc.)
  • Fine art
  • Folk art (quilts, handicrafts, etc.)
  • Artisan art
  • Pop art (photographs, posters, etc.)
  • Antique art (certain periods' artworks, found arts, etc.)
  • Colors (artworks in certain colors only)

Other than having a strong appreciation of art, the key in succeeding as an art gallery owner lies in the chosen "specialization." Choose your interest and specialization and you will be cruising before long.

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