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So Thankful To Be A Work At Home Mom: My Story

By Tammy Embrich

The work at home Mom, having it all, being there for her children, taking vacations whenever she wants to, and being able to come and go as she pleases. Isn't this the all-American dream?

Well, approximately 10 years ago I sure didn't think it was possible at all to be able to make the kind of income I'm making today, all by working in my home office. This IS truly a dream job, but there are both good and bad parts of working at home, just as there are both good and bad to a brick and mortar job. Don't get me wrong, I am extremely thankful for being able to remain in the comfort of my home and make money. I'm proud to say that I'm substantially supplementing my Husband's income, I'm contributing to the family household.

I'm writing this article today to tell you yes, it definitely is possible to make an income online, but the journey getting to this point was not always coming up roses. I'm as stubborn as they come and I don't give up easily. I keep trying, trying, and trying. I came relatively close to giving it up many, many times. Ups and downs? You bet! There's been more than my fair share. Enough to make the average person throw in the towel, that's for sure. And being scammed a time or two was part of that. That brings us back to me being the stubborn individual that I am. I kept searching and researching, and then some until I found what it was I truly wanted to do for the long haul. 

I try and help people work from home. That's what my websites are all about. You see, I had such a thriving passion for wanting to find a way to earn money at home and searched for it steadily for 7 years through various affiliate programs and other endeavors. And I finally realized I actually wanted to help people do the same, and the icing on the cake was I could make money with websites.

"That's a long time to search for an online job," you say. Yes it is, but I knew what I wanted. I kept my eye on the ball and never gave up my dream. It's actually not a J-O-B. technically. It's a business that I'm in. I offer a service through my websites, a work at home service with free job leads, business articles, tips, and more.

This is how it all transpired

While searching all those years, I found there were real ethical telecommute jobs that could be done online...real companies that were willing to hire. Then there it was, suddenly a light bulb went off in my head. No, I didn't want a telecommute job for myself like I thought I did, but this would be my niche, this is what I could offer the public. Something that I knew people would be searching for online.

I also realized I always wanted to own a website. It all fell into place when an online friend helped me get the website going and I never looked back since. Sure it was a lot to learn and it took me time to get established and get the traffic flowing, and once this happened, I started another work at home website. I've been successfully working from home now for 3 years. My search paid off ten-fold! I love what I'm doing and also confident in knowing what I offer is something viable. I'll say it again and again. I'm thankful to be a work at home Mom and I sure wouldn't trade it for anything.

Tammy Embrich owns and operates Work At Home Jobs a work at home resource that offers free work at home job leads, business articles, business tips, and more. You can also visit Tammy at her work at home forums where you can find even more job leads and articles, and network with others.

Please Note: This article is not free to reprint. If anyone wants to use this article, he or she could place the article’s link on his or her site instead of printing the whole article.

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So Thankful To Be A Work At Home Mom: My Story
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