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" Turn Something You Enjoy Into Your Success "

By Mike Dougherty "Grandpa Mike"

What do YOU enjoy doing?

How would you like to be successful doing something you have a passion for?

We all have a passion for something. A hobby, a cause or an activity we enjoy. Do you enjoy collecting, a craft, or a sport?

Do you know something that other folks would like to know?

My wife and I are from Alaska. Everyone we meet wants to know about our great 49th state and most want to know about traveling to and around Alaska.

Do you come from someplace that people are interested in? Do you know how to put something together? How to help people save money? How to raise and care for a pet?

These are all things that you enjoy and in many cases have a passion for.

Most successful people have one thing in common ... PASSION.

And since we do our best when it comes from our heart , it's easy to see why someone just like you that has a passion, something they enjoy, can turn that into their success.

Nobody wants to go to work everyday at a job they don't like. But if you enjoy what your doing, it's not work, it's a pleasure. A blessing.

But most people never let themselves get past spending all their time at a job they don't like or may even hate. What a terrible way to spend the days of your life.

You may like your job, but you have a passion or an interest where you'd like to spend more time. Something you'd like to develop, to build, to bring it to life.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could just make that passion a success? If you could just get it out there in front of people where it would have a real chance.

Take the time to realize what YOUR passion or passions are and what you enjoy doing. You'll be surprised at just how much you know and how many people would be interested in learning what you know.

A friend of mine installed a special radio system in his car. It was a tricky process, so he decided to write out the instructions and put together a how-to booklet complete with photographs of the process. He was amazed when he discovered just how many people were interested in his booklet.

Once you know the answer you can begin to turn that into YOUR SUCCESS.

Too many people give up on their success without giving themselves a real chance to make their dreams come true.

Remember, most successful people have one thing in common and that's passion. And passion comes from their heart. And because it comes from their heart, they do their best. And it's enjoyable.

Grab a hold of your passion , what you enjoy and make it your success.

Have fun

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