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"5 Home Businesses You Can Start for Less Than $200 "

By John Hughes

1. Create Crafts for Cash

Do you love to make crafts as a hobby? Turn your passion into a home business and start making money. Establish your expertise and sell your products in summer or winter festivals. This way, you'll be able to create a loyal client base who will provide a steady stream of income for you.

Open a crafts store to showcase your unique creative crafts. One of the easiest way to setup a store is by doing it online. Sell your products on eBay for starters. Have fun making and selling your products.

2. Decorate Homes for Lovely Profits

Decorating homes is a talent that several people don't have. If you have the knack for turning a bare house into a beautiful one, then this business is definitely for you.

Being a home decorator has several perks. You are your own boss. When your business is already growing, then you can hire other people who will do the work for you. Just be sure to always have your personal touch on every home that you decorate so that your clients will remember you.

3. Cook Home Made Food

There are several people who don't have the time or skill to cook food and don't want to buy fast food for health reasons. Sell your cooked food to your neighbors or to the parents of your kids' classmates. You can also join bazaars or fairs as an additional way of selling, or at least exposure, your food stuffs. You can also deliver them to offices wherein you'll be able to cater to people who will buy on a regular basis.

4. Make Surging Profits as a Concierge

Simply put, a concierge does the extra this-and-that stuffs for businesses or individuals who don't have the extra time to do them like picking up the laundry or reserving game seats. A concierge makes sure that everything runs perfectly for his clients.

Most concierge services revolve around buying grocery stuffs and delivering flowers. Learn how to network profitably. Word of mouth advertising will give you a steady stream of clients.

5. Cute Pets Make Great Profits

Pet grooming is a lucrative business and a fun one if you're a pet lover. Start offering your services at home. Basic supplies that you will need include scissors, shavers, brushes, and shampoos. Know what type of haircuts will fit a specific type of pet. You wouldn't want to give someone's pet a bad hair day, don't you? Learn how to clean and groom an animal's parts such as ears, eyes, nose, and nails.

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