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Want Fast Business Success? Set Your Goals... Part II

By Taylore Vance

Let's start today with looking at your personal goals. I know this article is about business success but we all need to be well rounded so we can enjoy our chosen life style more fully.

Goal setting is a great tool. It isn't only used for your business success. We all have personal desires, preferences, decisions, hopes, and dreams.

The first step is just writing them down on a piece of paper.

Since you are reading these three articles I can tell... you are on your way to achieve success. I know you can follow these easy steps expanding your life into even more love, joy, fun, happiness, health, and wealth! Others have done it and so can you!

Goal setting helps you decide your priorities, gets your energy aligned and organized into what's most important in your personal life, and makes it possible to materializes your dreams.

Your personal goals will help you: Align your energy -To decide what it is that you really want -To get your personal life organized -Choose a life style you desire -Find the ideal partner or even soul mate -Decide on the type of business that is best for you and your family -Complete your education or get a job -Be on time for meetings -Become healthier, have more energy, and heal the body -Find success in every aspect of your life -Your personal goals work 90% better when written down in a notebook or on a yellow pad of paper (or white). Now, For Your Business Goals.

The reason most people never achieve their work goals is that they have not defined them. They may not have seriously considered them as achievable, not felt worthy enough to receive them and/or not believed that goals are the most important words they'll ever write down!

Do you really want incredible success?

Serious goals require you to definitely decide - what life style you want.

You must have intent, discipline, commitment, and continued dedication if you are to achieve them.

They must be written down to impress the "powerhouse of manifestation" -- the subconscious mind, which works with the Law Of Attraction.

Goals left unexpressed and unwritten, are not taken as serious commands to materialize (manifest) into your life but are considered just wishful thinking.

Goals Are Instructions For Your Subconscious Mind To Carry Out

What if I told you that you can have anything in this world, and there is nothing stopping you but YOU. What would you do?

"Define your business goals clearly so that others can see them as you do." George F. Burns

WHY Have Goals?

The "Why" you must have goals to reach is the foundation upon which to build your future home of success.

You write down your goals so the subconscious mind clearly know what you want and can work on them 24/7 till you succeed.

If you don't understand a compelling reason to write down your goals, your life is like a feather floating in the wind.

Goals are powerful when you have a strong "Why" in place. Why take the time to dream, to imagine, to wish, to fantasize, to speculate, to contemplate what your life might be like?

If you are feeling a little stressed with all this information you may want the full story to... manifesting success and abundance. We have a new 86 page e-book entitled learn "How to triple your home based income... using two secret words" that goes into great detail about getting help from the subconscious mind. It works with any type of business, any money making projects, working at businesses, work at home, and applies equally well to improving personal goals.

Don't Be Too Busy To Set Success Goals...

Most people are too busy "doing things" and have never set goals for themselves or their business.

Every day things come up and they keep busy, busy, busy...wondering why they haven't accomplished anything today.

One thing leads to another and the days continue to pass into weeks, weeks into months, the months pass into years without their business being very successful.

How CAN they become successful without their "road map to success?" It is like the person buying the bus ticket without a set destination... he or she will never arrive. You'll never reach success... unless success is the clearly defined destination.

"There are two main strategies we can adopt to improve the quality of life. The first is to try making external conditions match our goals. The second is to change how we experience external conditions to make them fit our goals better." Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Your life is waiting for you to finish this simple manifestation process and start to set your dreams to sail like a ship upstream. When you throw your dreams upstream they will come back to you... by the Law Of Attraction.

Write your dreams down then detach from them. That is why I said throw them up stream. Do something symbolic of giving them away or releasing them. You could actually burn them in a fire or wad the paper into a ball and throw it upstream.

By detaching from your dreams, it allows invisible assistance to create the life style you desire via your business. You allow it to happen. It is the effortless way to create wealth and prosperity.

And most important -- enjoy the journey.

Taylore Vance, home business/prosperity expert, mentor and coach at Prosperity Tips Learn How You Can Triple Your Home Based Income... By Using Two Secret Words. Online Opportunities and hundreds of work ideas.

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