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Develop Your Business Skill

By: Eric Mathieu

Do you awaken every weekday with thoughts of not having to make the arduous commute to work? Do you cringe every time it looks as though some more "required overtime" may be coming up at your job? Do you often wish your job would allow you to "telecommute"?

If you answered "yes" to one or more of these questions, then it is probable that you have at some point entertained the idea of having your own home business.

Before you make the leap, it is very important that you first take a step back and really analyze exactly what having your own home business really means.

A lot of people only think about the positives that come with having their own home business, but often overlook the potential less pleasurable impacts that some of the required changes can have. While it is great to visualize all of the wonderful things that home business ownership can bring, don't make the mistake of going into home business with blinders on and not consider the total experience.

Do you NEED social interaction to get work done?

Some people don't realize it until they no longer have it around them, but many people actually work better with others around them. Some people need the social environment of an office with co-workers - they need the occasional chatter and distractions to help get them through the day. Before embarking on your own home business, you must be certain that you will be comfortable and productive while sitting at your home office desk for hours. Some people think that they will be fine with doing so, but discover that they need more interaction than briefly talking to clients.

For me, it was quite the opposite - I much prefer being able to get my work done without the constant interruption of coworkers coming over to talk about what they saw on TV the night before or whatever other "important" thing they want to talk about. I personally find it quite liberating to be able to sit and focus, only being distracted by the breaks that I choose to take. I find I can get much more done in less time without all of the distractions that being in an office full of people bring. It's actually relaxing, even though I'm working!

If you think you will feel the same way I do, then a home business environment will work for you.

Self-motivation - a requirement for home business success

The one thing that is absolutely required when starting a home-based business is self-motivation. There's no getting around it - you have to be a self-starter that is willing to put in the work required without someone else telling you to get to work. If you possess or can develop this trait, not only will you be able to make your home based business work, but your will be more inspired by every new sale that you make. Your drive will increase as you go along and begin to experience success, which will in turn breed more success!

One thing to remember about having your own home-based business is that your level of success is going to be directly related to how much effort, time, and work you are willing to put into your home business.

Remember, now YOU'RE the boss - everything is dependant upon you. With great freedom, come great responsibilities. You are now the boss, marketing, sales, and customer service departments all in one. It is a lot of responsibility, and it all now falls squarely on your shoulders. Of course, this fact also allows you to have freedoms that you could never have working a "regular job".

Having you own home business means that you are now empowered to take the day off when the kids are sick and need to stay home from school without having to worry about what your boss thinks (and you can probably even get some work done still since you are at home anyway). You never have to worry about being forced to work another holiday ever again! Basically, having your own home-based business means that you can enhance your family life while making money at home at the same time. You can spend more quality time at home with your family while working at the same time, and have the flexibility to take care of things at home as you need to.

A few more things to remember

Now that you've decided that having a home based business is right for you, there are some things that you will need to remember as you get our blossoming business started. You have to realize that by starting your own business and working from home you are doing something that is out of the ordinary, and something that would make many people uncomfortable. You are going to get a lot of negative feedback from people who are working traditional jobs (that they probably hate!) - people are going to make all sorts of negative comments, and quite a few will probably say you are "crazy" or worse. Just ignore them! You need to stay focused and keep a positive outlook on your business. Just remember those comments they made when you were getting started, and you can think back on them and laugh inside once you are successful. Stay positive, KNOW you can do it, and show everyone what is possible with a little determination and work!

Now get out there, and get started!

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