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Welcome to KidzArt - Choose the best art franchise worldwide.
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Business Overview
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CEO of KidzArt
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KidzArt Art Franchise Curriculum

In the early 1990s, KidzArt understood that there was a growing need for guidance regarding creative thinking and problem solving. The KidzArt tagline, “If you can dream, you can draw!” implies that there are no limits in art.The curriculum our art franchise uses is always kid-tested for success. Developed by Chris Cruikshank, award-winning artist, our multimedia, multicultural curriculum is inspiring, whimsical, fun and NEVER REPEATED. Our art franchise programs are packed with extraordinary lessons that build life skills. KidzArt art franchise classes grow with students from age two through their teen years.
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Building Confidence through Art
Teaching Art skills in a non competitive env.
Bringing Ideas to Life through Drawing

The Philosophy of KidzArt Art Franchise

Franchise Contact Information

Sue Bartman - KidzArt®
art franchise Building Confidence through Art
art franchise Teaching Art skills in a non competitive
art franchise Bringing Ideas to Life through Drawing
art franchise Unleashing Creativity
art franchise The main Benefits of Art
art franchise Overcoming Fear
art franchise The move to “I CAN!”
art franchise The Philosophy of KidzArt
art franchise KidzArt Curriculum
art franchise
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