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Making Decision Easily - A Fast Track

Have you realized that making decisions at most time are daunting and time consuming. Following tips will guide you in the right direction to take the right direction.

  1. Identify the parameters of the decision clearly. Next, evaluate what choices you have? How many are there? Are there more than two?

  2. Gather information as much as possible about each alternative – If you need talk to the relevant people, read or gather information from the internet, solicit advice from friends and family. This information will help you to arrive at the correct decision.

  3. If possible try to get some experience that will help you make an informed decision. If you are unable to do so, evaluate the option of getting such first hand information from other persons.

  4. Next identify the pros and cons of each decision. When doing so prioritize your considerations on importance.

  5. Keep in mind that there is no right reason for making a particular decision. It will depend on the importance for you, not the others. Sometimes if you cannot weight and make the decision, use your gut feeling to select the proper option.

  6. When making your decision it is equally important to thik about possible motives, fears or biases that would guide your thinking process. Try to identify all of them that will influence your final decision.

  7. Next, brainstorm, brainstorm and brainstorm your alternatives. Try to evaluate the alternatives in such a way that your possible decision pros can be maximized and cons can be minimized. See how you could make the maximum out of your decision.

  8. Once you have collected sufficient information to make your decision make an end to the evaluation process. Be satisfied with your ground work and do not repent for anything including the time and information you had.

  9. Don’t let other factors influence your decision – such as what you would get to know once you have completed your evaluation process. Be satisfied with the effort and time you spent to evaluate your options.

  10. Make your decision – be happy with it!
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