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Gum problems : All About Gum Lifts and Bonded Bridges Apache Junction
Gum Lifts
Gums are the frame around the teeth. Gum problems prevent a pretty smile. Gum lifts are cosmetic gum surgeries which require the removal of gum to make the teeth appear longer and also to even the gum-line. Excess gum which cover the front teeth and the upper lip which comes up high when they smile is known as a `gummy smile’ and makes a person self conscious. When the gum line is uneven it can make the teeth appear to be at different lengths. These conditions do not contribute to a pretty smile.
To rectify these conditions, the dentist numbs the area and removes the excess gum. The earlier procedure was for the dentist to take small grafts of tissue from the palate which is on the roof of the mouth and sutures them to the gum area. Local anesthesia is usually sufficient but extreme cases may require general or twilight anesthesia. The newer method is to remove the unwanted gum with a laser which would take less than an hour. It is important to seek the assistance of a reputed dentist to ensure that the gum is not damaged due to the procedure. An antiseptic mouth rinse is recommended to be used after surgery until the gums are healed. Though the former procedure is not painful, it is normal to experience some discomfort for a day or two after the surgery. With the new procedure there is very little discomfort to the patient. Further, old procedure recommends only liquids and semi solids to be taken for two weeks after surgery, while with the laser method it is possible to eat normally after a day or two.
Bonded Bridges is another technique that compliments a pretty smile. It is also known as Maryland Bridge and it replaces a missing tooth. It is compromised of one or two artificial teeth by connecting with `wings’. The `wings’ are fastened to either side of the missing tooth. This procedure is less popular as it is made only out of metal and would require frequent visits to the dentist to fasten it. The bonded bridge wings that are made in the present day are of durable resin material are cosmetically more pleasing and attach firmly to the teeth.
Bonded bridges are used when a there is a loose front tooth. The dentist takes an impression and makes a mold out of which the bonded bridge is made. The patient is required to come thereafter, and the loose tooth is removed and the bonded bridge is placed. The advantage is that the patient will never be without the tooth. The wings will help to stabilize the teeth to which they are fastened to. The bonded bridge cost less than the convention fixed bridgework and requires less to complete the treatment. However, it is not as strong as fixed bridgework and is only recommended for the front teeth where the biting is not very strong.
People who have heavy jaw musculature, very loose or weak teeth, those who grind their teeth, or those who have too large a space where the teeth are missing may not be the right candidates for this procedure. However, the decision to use bonded bridge is at the discretion of the dentist.