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Collectibles Home Based Business

By TJ McBryde of TJ's Treasures,

I have recently decided to be a stay-at-home mom. My husband and I made this decision based on the fact that we feel we should be the ones to raise our child, not other people. However, we knew if I was going to stay home, we would have to find some way to make some extra money.

I have been collecting Holly Hobbie things all of my life and originally started looking at flea markets, garage sales, and junk/thrift stores for those items. When I got on the internet, I found out about The Auction Web (a former community on eBay) while chatting to someone. I decided to check it out and see what people were selling. After looking through the auctions for a while, I decided that I would try buying and selling collectibles. I have been doing this now for a couple of months and am clearing approx. $500 a month. I know this is not a lot, but it is enough to help us with the bills.

To find the worth of a piece I look through the auction items and see what people are buying. I also look through collectible and antique books to see what things are worth.

I sell my pieces at the online auction I mentioned above. When the auction is over, the person who purchased something from me sends me their mailing address and I find out what the shipping will be. I then send the total price (including shipping) to the highest bidder and they send me a check/money order. I then send their package.

You really don’t need any kind of background to sell collectibles. You just need to do some research on what people are looking for. There are also some great newsgroups where people post items they are looking for or are selling. You can pull up and do a search through the usenet news to find items people are looking for.

In my opinion, this is really a great opportunity for moms who want to stay at home with their children and still make some money! My son loves to go shopping with me, so I carry him one day a week to flea markets and thrift stores. This is where I find my treasures!

Just remember...One mans junk is another man's treasure!!!

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