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Flea Market Vendor

Being a flea market vendor, is it difficult thing to do? Not really. Follow our outlined 4 step process mentioned below, and you will be a flea market vendor in no time.

1. Find the local flea markets in your area

The easiest way of finding local markets is of course via the internet. Some of the popular market directories are listed below.

If these sites fail to identify a flea market in your area, just use your favorite search engine such as

2. Selecting your Flea market

Since you already know of several flea markets in your area, it’s the ideal time to do some field research and make a note of following facts for each identified market.

  • What types of products are being sold at each market?
  • The traffic flow, the set up of booths, any hot spots
  • The general atmosphere of the market (whether it’s friendly or competitive)
  • How current vendors feel about the market?
  • Booth size, rates and any license or permits that are required if you wish to be a vendor

This information will help you to select the best market for you and will help your planning process in the latter stages as well.

3. What am I going to sell?

Now that you have selected a place, you will need some stuff to sell. Start by reviewing the notes you took while checking out the markets. Identify your product ideas, what products sell in the area, what items give you the highest profits. All this information will be available depending how well you did your field research.

It’s obvious you do not wish to spend a large amount acquiring the goods and interestingly you don’t need to.

You could ask your family members or friends whether they have anything they want to throw away. Sometimes they will give you the belongings they want to get rid of. Even if you cannot acquire free merchandise, you may be able to agree on a percentage of sales proceeds as your cost.

You may also be able get loads of items very cheaply at local auctions. You just need to make sure that you visit these places as early as possible. Similarly, garage sales or yard sales provide you with the opportunity to buy quality items at little cost. Websites like e-bay may also have low priced items for you to resell.

4. Setting up the legal background.

Most markets require a vendor license in order to operate there and a sales tax identification number is another similar requirement. However, the exact license and permits that you need may vary upon the location as well as the type of goods you are going to sell. The flea market manager should be able to advice you on this. Further you may consider opening a bank account due to the convenience it brings you. It may also be necessary to open a merchant account if you wish to engage in credit card transactions.

Provided you follow these simple steps, you are now ready to become a flea market vendor. If you wish to know more about flea markets the following links may help you.

I wish all the very best to you and I hope you enjoy yourself as a flea market vendor.

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