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Child tooth decay : The Causes of Tooth Decay in Children Aliso Viejo
Second only to the common cold, tooth decay can happen to anyone. However, child tooth decay is more common as children’s teeth have weak surfaces. Young babies also suffer from tooth decay. This is mainly because they are given sweetened milk or other sweet liquid in a bottle prior to bed-time. Some parents even soak the pacifier in sugar or honey before giving it to the baby.
What actually causes tooth decay? Bacterial infection is the main cause of tooth decay in children. They live on the outside of the teeth and grow from the foods and drinks which are consumed. The bacteria then produces acids that damage the coating of the teeth (enamel). The enamel is the protective layer of the tooth, and without the protective coating, the teeth are left vulnerable. As milk (baby) teeth do not have a solid coating of enamel, they are more vulnerable to tooth decay.
So what triggers to growth of bacteria on your child’s teeth? Listed below are some of the main causes leading to child tooth decay.
1.       Regular intake of sugary food and drinks
This increases the risk of tooth decay in your child. Children are addicted to sweets, and giving them too much will lead to faster tooth decay.
2.       Constant intake of snacks
Children nibble all day long on snacks. This is harmful for the child's teeth because the food will be on the teeth all day long causing the teeth to decay.
3.       Insufficient drinking of water
By not drinking water after sugary snacks and drinks, the sugars left on the teeth are not washed away. The sugars on the teeth support the bacteria to produce acid that decays the teeth.
4.       Poor oral hygiene
Many children are not introduced to proper oral hygiene. They do not brush their teeth regularly and very often do not know how to brush their teeth correctly. As parents, we must make sure to check how they are brushing their teeth, and if necessary brush it for them.
5.       No dentist check ups
Children’s oral health is very often neglected. Unless the child suffers from extreme pain, they are not taken to the dentist. The first dental visit must be on his or hers first birthday. Thereafter regular check-ups are required.
Since you are now aware of what causes tooth decay, try to prevent it. Start by cutting down the quantity of sweet snacks your child consumes, help them brush their teeth twice a day and after meals, and take them for regular dentist visits. This will help contribute to the overall health of your growing child.
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